Dust Hazard Analyses – The Pitfalls and Traps

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Webinar On-Demand
Provided by ISHN
Presented by Scott Czarnecki, CSP, CHMM, and Mark Mollison

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the specifications of NFPA 652 and other Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) to meet September's deadlines for the completion of a DHA for existing facilities.
  2. Discuss the true cost of a low-cost DHA.
  3. Explore how not all DHAs are made equal, even if completed by a qualified worker and describe what makes an effective and safe DHA.
  4. Explain why DHAs should be performed and what they can do when they're done right.


Course may qualify for 1 contact hour with ABiH/BGC.
Course may qualify for BCSP recertification points.

The completion of a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) within existing facilities will be required starting September 2020. With that comes a rush to get any DHA completed. In this webinar, our combustible dust experts, Jason Reason (MBA, CIH, CSP, CHMM) and Donald Hayden (MS, CIH, CSP) will discuss the specifications of the upcoming September deadline, as well as the difference between a dust hazard analysis that will provide solutions to mitigate identified hazards and the DHAs that will just check the box.

Dust Hazard Analyses – The Pitfalls and Traps

Photo courtesy of SEAM Group

Scott_Czarnecki.JPG.jpg Scott Czarnecki, CSP, CHMM, is an experienced Environmental Health and Safety professional with an emphasis on the hazards associated with combustible dust and mitigation strategies. As a consultant with SEAM Group in Indianapolis, he has performed Dust Hazards Analyses in a variety of industries including Food, Metals, Agriculture, Plastics, to name a few. He has a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Management, is a Certified Safety Professional as well as a Certified Hazardous Material Manager.

Mark_Mollison.png Mark Mollison has been in business development and key account management with SEAM Group for 13 years. Mark has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and focuses on the heavy industrial and food processing markets. Prior to coming to SEAM Group, Mark worked at ABB Robotics for 22 years in various engineering and business development roles.